Best Gaming Headset For PC 2022

  • Pro Gaming Mic with Truspeak Technology
  • Ensure your voice is always heard loud
  • Clear with Turtle Beach’s professional-quality, noise-canceling mic
  • Works great with the new Xbox Series X|S
  • Maximize audio experience with an all-new comprehensive software suite
  • Allows to easily manage & customize audio settings from your desktop
  • Waves Nx 3d Audio, Waves Nx delivers an immersive 3D experience
  • By providing pinpoint location accuracy, lifelike sound enables gamers
  • By recreating real-world sounds in a virtual space, 3D Audio surrounds
  • The more accurate spatial scene can easily pick important sounds to help win
  • Custom-tuned 50mm Nanoclear over-ear speakers deliver championship performance
  • As well as the clearest team chat via crisper sound with the less distortion
  • EQ Audio Presets, Including Bass Boost, An Enhance gameplay experience
  • EQ audio presets Natural Sound, Bass and Treble Boost and Vocal Boost
  • Customize the audio experience by creating presets utilizing a 10-band equalizer
  • The superhuman Hearing setting combined Waves Maxx Multiband technology
  • Competitive advantage, able to hear all subtle yet game-changing sounds
  • Best Gaming Headset For PC 2022

Gaming Headset For PC


Gaming Headset For PC Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Pro Performance

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Best Gaming Headset For PC 2022 for Xbox One, PC, PS4, XB1, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile, is one of the best gaming headsets. It’s comfortable and customizable, and it provides top-notch sound. And it’s significantly cheaper than its wired counterpart – it’s a much higher rate for mid-range wireless PC headsets. Elite Pro 2 provides wireless sound on PC and, as a new perk, works wirelessly with PS4s and docked switches, or in wired setups with undocked setups and Xbox Ones.

The headset has some minor flaws. Putting two different volume dials next to each other was probably not the best idea, and the software focuses too much on power users at the expense of everyday fans. But if you get a refund and need to free your PC from the tyranny of cables, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is a powerful option too.

The Elite Pro 2 looks like a slightly upgraded version of the Turtle Beach Elite, which is fitting. You still have the sturdy black plastic chassis with a flexible metal headband and two large foam ear cups. This time, however, there are adjustable temples on the headphones, not on top of them. It’s a bit more difficult to describe, but the bottom line is that the headset is a bit easier to adjust to get a good fit, and it’s a bit easier to accidentally pull it out of place.

The cup of the left ear is where most of the action takes place. This standard appendix is ​​where you’ll find the mic volume and audio volume dial (side by side, you’re guaranteed to toggle the wrong switch at least once), power button, micro-USB charging port, 3.5. -Minimeter audio jack and removable microphone port.

Additionally, there is a microphone mute button outside the earpiece and an additional programmable button between the power button and thus the volume dial. By default, it enables the Turtle Beach Best Gaming Headset For PC 2022 signature superhuman listening mode, which maximizes high and low frequencies for better directional sound in FPS games. But you can use the Turtle Beach Control Studio software to swap modes for another function.

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There is no doubt that the cup of the left ear feels cluttered and it takes a while to learn to navigate by touch. The volume wheel is also slightly aggressive; Even what you are listening to with a light touch will be very loud or quiet. But generally speaking, the Pro Performance headphones have an excellent design. It is very large, but not too heavy, and makes it flat for easy portability. Dividing the space between the self-adjusting headband and the notches on the side also makes it a lot easier to get a good fit.

One of the best things about the Pro Performance Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 PC Gaming Headsets is that they are simply so comfortable. I was able to wear it for hours on end, whether it was playing sports, watching movies, or listening to music at work, and I never felt like I had to take it off. Like many other Turtle Beach headphones, the Aero boasts of “Pro Specs” technology, which allows wearers with glasses to make a small channel to their specs, however, I didn’t find it necessary. The headphones are very luxurious.

I gave Aero to a co-worker, who completely agreed with me. He thought they were feeling the light, considering their size, and he also loved the way the earmuffs were. Given the amount of praise the office had for the original Turtle Beach Elite Pro, this is not surprising.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is primarily a Pro Performance PC gaming headset with annual volume control, programmable settings, equalization options, and more. As such, I focused most of my attention on PC games: Overwatch, Age of Mythology: Gradfall, Extended Edition, and Final Fantasy XIV.

Overall, the sound quality was over the top. Turning on supernatural hearing and surround sound in Overwatch helped me hear where my enemies were coming from. Going back to the stereo sound of Final Fantasy XIV and GreedFall helped me enjoy the orchestral soundtrack and quest-related dialogue. Soundscape felt balanced in Edge of Mythology, focusing on building an army and attacking enemy fortresses.

It’s also worth noting that while Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 isn’t optimized for other consoles, it works well with them. You can use it wirelessly with a PS4 or a docked switch, with the switch engaged, you can also use the volume dial, as I learned to my delight during a basement crawl in Link’s Awakening.

You can also use a 3.5mm audio connection to connect an Xbox One controller, decoupled switch, or mobile phone. My only complaint here was that the included microphone on the included cable would often rub against my shirt, causing some nasty reactions. But you will have a headset that works with every system you own, half the time wirelessly, and that’s not bad at all.

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The Pro Performance Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 PC gaming headset runs on robust Turtle Beach Control Studio software (on PC, at least. You won’t be able to access all these fancy options for console gaming). Here you can toggle similar options, reprogram buttons, adjust surround sound, and set profiles for individual games.

First of all, the program has a lot of audio options at your disposal. You can adjust options for volume, game/chat balance, microphone pickup, 3D sound, EQ settings, macros, and more. By extension, all the options will take too long; Suffice it to say, audiophiles will likely find exactly what they’re looking for, while more casual fans can just flip a few settings and start racing.

I wish there were a few more presets for fans who don’t want to spend too much time setting up their profiles. While the 3D sound settings have options for movies and music in addition to games, the stereo presets are beautiful: bass and treble boost, or a flat profile. It seems almost difficult to ask for more options in the software that is already packed with them, but I would rather have an EQ profile designed by a professional who would rather build themselves from scratch.

There’s also the microphone, which is crisp and clear – perfect for competitive sports, ditching chat rooms, or if you prefer to communicate online.

Whether you’re listening to music via a USB key or 3.5mm cable, the quality of the music is surprisingly good. Bass is strong (sometimes a rarity in gaming headsets), vocals and instruments are balanced, and the soundtrack is rich, whether you prefer to listen in stereo or 3D sound. I played Fogging Molly, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Rolling Stones, and G.F. Tracks sampled from. Handel and Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 enriched and encouraged each artist.

The headset is also not enough for you to use on the go, although you will need a USB Type-C adapter if you have a new phone stuck without a headphone jack.

The Best Pro Performance Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 PC Gaming Headset is comfortable and customizable, delivering top-notch sound.

The Elite isn’t the last word in the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Pro Performance PC gaming headset, but it’s pretty close. Despite the stuffy earbuds and software shortcomings, the earbuds are extremely comfortable, feel great, and work well with various platforms. It’s hard to ask for more than this.

In the same price range, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is worth a look, which offers similar features with a slightly more comfortable fit. But the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is a good reminder of how the Turtle Beach gaming headset became a powerhouse in space.

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