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Ranking Ahri’s best outfits in July 2022

Ahri’s Latest Skins Updated July 2022

Ranking Ahri's best outfits in July 2022
Ranking Ahri’s best outfits in July 2022

Ahri’s Outfit and Level in July 2022 Ahri is a nine-tailed fox that uses her magic to seduce and control her opponents. Ahri is a mobile mage with many powerful abilities that allow her to easily weave in and out of combat. Ahri’s equipment set is very simple but extremely effective. Ahri’s Q, W, and E all have short cooldowns and can be quickly cast in quick succession. Ahri’s Q allows her to dash for a short distance and deal damage to any enemies she passes through. Ahri’s W creates a magical orb that she can fire at her enemies. Ahri’s E creates a powerful blast of magical energy that damages all enemies in its path. Ahri’s ultimate, R, allows her to transform into a fiery fox that dashes towards her target and deals massive damage. Ahri is a very strong solo laner that excels in early and mid game. Ahri is quite weak in the late game, but her gear is still extremely strong.

Ahri’s skins and levels in July 2022

Ahri, the nine-tailed fox, is a powerful champion in League of Legends.
She has many skins that players can choose from to make her look different in game.
We’ve gathered all of Ahri’s latest skins and put them into one place for you. Updated July 2022, this list includes all the newest and most popular Ahri skins.

  • S-Tier (Best): Spirit Blossom Ahri, K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition, Elderwood Ahri
  • A-Tier (Good): Star Guardian Ahri, K/DA ALL OUT Ahri, Coven Ahri, Arcade Ahri
  • B-Tier (Average): Popstar Ahri, Challenger Ahri, K/DA Ahri
  • C-Tier (Not Recommended): Foxfire Ahri, Dynasty Ahri,
  • D-Tier (Bad): Midnight Ahri, Academy Ahri

Ahri’s outfits are beautiful, with some absolutely amazing outfits. However, we have to rank them by the level at which they live on my list (C-D), and while most won’t leave your casual player unsatisfied – you’ll want something good. more if possible! Riot has set such high standards for this champion that even going one notch down can provide a great insight into their personality or character concept just through design.




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