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Update the best skin Amumu in 2022

Skin Amumu updated in 2022

Skin Amumu updated in 2022
Skin Amumu updated in 2022

Amumu is a tanky support character that excels in team fights and ganking. He has strong CC abilities, making him very effective at initiating and controlling the battlefield. Amumu’s ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, is a powerful AOE ability that can easily turn the tide of a team fight.

His passive, Cursed Touch, gives him extra magic damage on all of his basic attacks, making him a very strong duelist. Amumu is a very versatile character that can be played in multiple roles. He is most commonly played as a tank or support, but can also be built as an off-tank or even a bruiser. No matter how you build him, Amumu is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Ranking Amumu’s beautiful skins The newest skin for Amumu was released in early 2022 and it looks great! This updated skin gives Amumu a more modern look while still keeping his classic feel. If you’re a fan of Amumu, be sure to check out this new skin!

Ranking Amumu’s beautiful skins

Amumu skin in League of Legends is a very popular skin for Amumu characters. Amumu skin is also one of the few skins that has remained relevant over the years, with many players still using it to this day.

S Rating (Best): Infernal Amumu
A-Tier (Good): Amumu’s Surprise Party
B-Tier (Medium): Sad Robot Amumu, Little Knight Amumu, Emumu

Despite its popularity, Skin Amumu is not without its detractors. Some players feel that the skin is too simple or it doesn’t fit the character model in the game. Despite those criticisms, Da Amumu is still one of the most popular skins in League of Legends and will certainly remain so for many years to come and here is a ranking list of Amumu skins for 2022. Sad Robot Amumu skin.

Infernal Amumu

Infernal Amumu
Infernal Amumu

This skin gives Amumu a new model and texture, based on the Infernal class of the Warcraft universe. His bandages are now made of lava, and he leaves a trail of fire behind him as he moves.


  • The skin looks really cool, the Infernal Amumu definitely stands out.
  • The particles for his Q, W, and R abilities are all very well done and look great.
  • His E ability has a small animation change that makes it look much cooler.


  • The skin doesn’t really offer any new gameplay mechanics or anything like that, it’s purely cosmetic.

Release Date: October 16, 2018

Price: 250 RP

Rating: 5

Amumu’s Surprise Party skin

Amumu's Surprise Party

Is a custom skin created by the community for the game League of Legends. It is one of many different skins available for purchase in the game. This skin was created to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary. It’s a very colorful skin, and it features Amumu in the background of a birthday party. Skins include new animations, particles, and sound effects. This skin is a great choice for players who want to add some fun and excitement to their game.


  • The skin features a new model and texture for Amumu
  • The skin includes new particles and effects
  • The skin has a unique recall animation


  • No special effects whatsoever

Release Date: October 22, 2020

Price: 180 RP

Rating: 5

Sad Robot Amumu skin

Sad Robot Amumu

Skin Sad Robot Amumu League of Legends is a hard to find skin for the character Amumu in the game League of Legends. It features Amumu in a robot suit with aSad Robot Amumu’s face. This leather set is highly sought after by collectors as well as Amumu aficionados.


  • The skin is very aesthetically pleasing and gives Amumu a more “cute” look
  • The skin is cheaper than most other Amumu skins


  • The skin does not provide any gameplay advantages

Release Date: May 28, 2012

Price: 150 RP

Rating: 4.9

Little Knight Amumu skin

Little Knight Amumu

Skin Little Knight Amumu is a great ADC for those who want to play a more kiting and poking style of play. His kit allows him to easily kite and poke enemies, while his ultimate can be used to easily set up teamfights or pick off enemies. If you’re looking for an ADC that can play a more strategic and methodical game, then Skin Little Knight Amumu is the perfect choice for you.


  • The skin gives Amumu a much more menacing and intimidating look, which can easily scare off opponents.
  • The skin also comes with new animations and particles, making it much more visually appealing than the default skin.


  • The skin does not offer any new game mechanics or gameplay features.
  • The skin does not have any new voice lines or sound effects.

Release Date: July 18, 2011

Price: 120 RP

Rating: 4.9

Emumu skin


Skins Emumu is one of the few League of Legends skins that doesn’t have a chroma pack. However, the skin has two different color schemes that can be applied to it. The first color scheme is the default Skins Emumu skin, which has a purple and pink color scheme. The second color scheme is the opposite of the default, with a pink and purple color scheme. Skin Emumu is one of the more popular League of Legends skins, and is often seen in the game. The skin has received generally positive reviews, with many players liking the new pattern and texture. If you are looking for a fun and cute skin, then Skins Emumu is definitely the skin for you!


  • The skin makes Amumu look more like a traditional mummy, which some players may prefer.
  • The colour scheme is fairly unique and stands out among other skins.


  • There are no other significant advantages to this skin.

Release Date: August 1, 2010

Price: 80 RP

Rating: 4.8

What is the best Amumu skin?

Pharaoh Amumu has an appearance that is appropriate for a mummy pharaoh. He wears clothing that is mostly brown and gold, which gives him a more full-looking appearance. The lack of vibrant colors in his clothing is understandable given the context of being a mummy pharaoh, and it suits his persona well. For the price, it’s reasonable to see there are few features on Pharaoh Amumu’s skin.

What is the rarest Amumu skin?

In celebration of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Riot released a slew of sport and nationally-themed skins. Some of these skins were only available in the Riot shop for 520 RP from February to March 2010. Of these skins, Vancouver Amumu appears to be the rarest because relatively few gamers purchased it while it was available.

Limited availability and initial unpopularity are among the most significant factors affecting skin rarity. The weeping mummy champion, wrapped in the colors of the Olympic flag, features different shades on each limb.

Is Vancouver Amumu a rare skin?

For those not familiar with Vancouver Amumu, he may just seem like a random collection of colors – is he supposed to be one cohesive skin? We don’t know for sure. He was released in 2010 for the Winter Olympics which were held in Vancouver. Maybe they chose him because a Mummy isn’t typically associated with wintertime activities?

Riot may have thought Amumu would look good in those colors because they represent the five continents that participated in the first Olympics.

Vancouver Amumu shares his theme with Team Spirit Anivia, Union Jack Fiddlesticks, The Mighty Jax and more – Summoners Rift was also revamped for the Winter Olympics. It was essentially the Christmas maps which were later added, only without the Christmas decorations. If you’re curious what it looked like, you can check it out here.

Vancouver Amumu was discontinued after the 2010 Winter Olympics, but he can still be obtained through mystery gifts.

He is likely to make a reappearance at future winter events, but there is no guarantee that he will be available. If you really want him, the only way to get him is by visiting our unranked smurf store.

Beautiful skin of amumu in 2022

Beautiful skins of amumu league of legends in 2022. These are coming skins for the game and they look great. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. The art style and design are top notch and I’m sure the game will be just as amazing.

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